Screened to a average  size between 3/8" and 2"   that removes 99% of large material  and 75% of small fine material .  chips are made from un- adultered materials from natural trees and limbs only !!!.  We DO NOT  grind up any forign material like pallets, rail road ties, treated wood with persertives, ETC.  This is a 100% natural product.  9 yard minium order = $ 35 special per yard.



Play Chips or Animal Bedding Chips

  • ALL  of our chips are outside summer and winter and turned several times a season to heat the product to help  increase natures process of neautrelizing itself .  then they are screened the 1st time and re-piled , then spread out to dry in the sun to reduce its moisture content , then screened to its final size .

    SOME CHILDREN AND ANIMALS   have alligeries !!!   WE ADD NOTHING !!! TO OUR PRODUCT !!!  Customer is 100% responsibe for its use !!!


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