99% ASH WOOD  trees were cut and split prior to september 2017  

however ash wood is inherintly a cut and burn wood because the tree was cut down when and because it was dead. ( less seasoning required).


99% is cut 16" to 17" length  !   and just like our BIG UGLY WOOD  it is split for heating . MOST wood requires 2 hands to pick up !!  all wood after MAY 2018  has been processed by a wood processer !!!

There will be a lot of smaller ( less diameter ) pieces !!  ( including kindling ).

It is a very good mix of small medium and large.  but mostly large unless you order custom

FIREWOOD ( BIG UGLY ) ASH 2017 trees


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    USE CODE # 1157 in 1st text please so i know your not a robo! Also include yards,proper product name and exact address with zip code !!!

    We will send TEXT QUOTE a.s.a.p.

    Heavy Equipment in Use !!!

    Please you must  text for permission before stopping in to possibly inspect a product prior to ordering !!!  Actually we approve of pre-inspections We want HAPPY customers !!!

    Remember once we dump its yours ! 

    DURING COVID 19  No pickups allowed DELIVERIES ONLY !!!!!!!  except self load firewood

    No one under 18 allowed out of vehicle !!!

    Entering property for any reason is at own risk !!!

    Surveillance cameras in use 24/7